WP Deployer lets you deploy your changes

Developing directly on your live WordPress site is dangerous: you're not safe from a bug and your site being down. On the other hand, developing on a separate site exposes you to tedious copy/paste and reconfiguration every time you deploy. With WP Deployer, you can create a deployment package, ensure seamless reliability of all the elements you've decided to deploy, and push everything to the live site with a single click (or automated deployment).

Avoid conflicts with WP Deployer

By connecting your development site to your live site, you'll be alerted when content you're working on has changed. This prevents you from working on out-of-date content and the hassle of merging or losing changes.

Compare and merge changes when conflicts arise

In development or on the live site before deployment, WP Deployer detects conflicts and provides an interface to understand which modifications have been made simultaneously. It also provides a troubleshooting interface to merge changes made in different environments.

Professionalise with automated deployment

WP Deployer is the only WordPress plugin that allows you to automate your deployments. WP Deployer's export creates packages that can be pushed to a versioning system such as Git. Command lines are available to automatically deploy via an automated script.


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