WP Deployer is a true versioning system for WordPress

Optimally connected directly to the WordPress "Live" site, WP Deployer is able to track each individual content and site configuration. This means it can detect any conflicts (changes simultaneously on the live site and in development) and help you resolve them. And, of course, its intelligent export system allows you to import any content or configuration that has been modified or added.

But how does it work?

The engineering behind WP Deployer is based on a powerful tracking system with unique identifiers for each element tracked (configuration, content, etc.). The plugin also tracks the latest modifications both locally and in production, so as to be able to detect conflicts.

Comparison and conflict detection

By individually tracking modification dates, WP Deployer is able to detect elements that would have been simultaneously modified on the live site and on your development instance. Its interface lets you resolve conflicts to take account of production modifications.

Deployment strategy

The deployment strategy is simply controlled in configuration. It is based directly on the database tables. In the case of relational links between tables, it can be set to ensure complete export of data split into several tables. In addition, you can define the dependency of certain data on others (e.g. comments are dependent on posts).


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