Compatible with themes, most free and paid plugins, and even your own plugins!

WP Deployer is based on a plugin-independent deployment mode, so there is no compatibility shortlist. The module is automatically compatible with 95% of plugins without any configuration. In 5% of cases, a few mouse clicks are all it takes to configure!

Strategy definition department

Our teams work around the clock to create a pre-configured repository for each plugin and version, so you don't have to do a thing! This repository is constantly enriched and automatically updated, so you don't have to do anything to configure the module.

Automatic detection of new plugins

When a new plugin is installed, WP Deployer tracks all the configuration data associated with it, even if it is not in the repository defined above. In our experience, 95% of plugins are automatically compatible and detected correctly.

Adapting the deployment strategy

You have 100% control over your deployment strategy for each plugin. Would you prefer not to deploy certain configurations? Or, on the contrary, track items that are not deployed by default? A simple configuration page is at your disposal!

Integration with your custom plugins

If your module is based on the core options system, it's automatically compatible. If you have a database table with an autoincrement field... it's all the same! Finally, if you have a more complex data model, you can configure your deployment strategy in a few clicks using the module's built-in UI.


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