Save time and make your Wordpress deployments more reliable with WP Deployer

With WP Deployer, you finally have a reliable tool that lets you deploy all your modifications from one environment to another. No more repetitive operations to deploy your developments on D-day! Content, configuration and images are all deployed in just two clicks !


Discover WP Deployer's features at a glance
Deploy 100% of your changes in just a few clicks
WP Deployer lets you deploy your content regardless of the editing tool you've used (Elementor, Gutenberg, etc.), any linked files (images, pdf, etc.) and all configurations (theme, community or paid modules)!
Conflict prevention
Deployment reliability is at the heart of WP Deployer. What happens if content has changed in production? Not only are you warned when content changes, so you can update your content before working on it, but you can also compare and merge local changes with those on the live site!
Conflict management and mergers
Before exporting or importing deployment packages, WP Deployer makes it easy for you to view conflicts: if a change has been made simultaneously on your live site and the same content or configuration, WP Deployer detects it and lets you view these changes as well as accept / reject or merge the changes.
Intelligent deployment
WP Deployer is aware of the dependencies between the elements you want to deploy. For example, new taxonomies used by your content will be automatically recognized and deployed, modules required for deployment are detected. Links are also updated at deployment time according to the domain name of the live site.
Deploy only what you need
WP Deployer comes with an accomplished deployment strategy that deploys only what's relevant. An e-commerce plugin like Woocommerce, for example, needs to be finely configured with deployment of configurations (taxes, delivery, etc.), products, but not orders that remain only in production. You can also adapt this strategy to suit your needs.
Great compatibility
WP Deployer relies on a deployment mode that doesn't depend on each module: so there's no compatibility shortlist. We've tested the module with over 100 of the most widely used plugins, and a service downloads the latest definitions so you don't have to! What's more, all modules based on standard configurations are automatically compatible. In case this isn't the case, you can configure your own deployment strategy
Tailor your deployment strategy to your needs
WP Deployer comes with a complete interface allowing you to define very precisely what you want to deploy... or not! It's up to you to choose whether comments should be automatically deployed or not!
Integrate your custom modules into your deployment strategy
If your module is based on the core options system, then it's automatically compatible. If you have a database table with an "autoincrement" field... it's all the same! If you have a more complex data model, you can configure your deployment strategy in just a few clicks, using the module's built-in UI.
Refine one or more deployment packages
With WP Deploy, you can refine your deployment package as you develop by adding/removing some of your modifications. You can even create multiple deployment packages to simultaneously develop multiple features that can be deployed at different times.
Direct delivery, zip or CLI, choose the method that suits you best
Three methods are available depending on your development method. Send your deployment package in one click directly to your live site, or manually upload a zip archive. For continuous deployment and Git enthusiasts, script your deployment through the command line.
100% reliable engineering
The engineering behind WP Deployer is based on a powerful tracking system with unique identifiers for each element tracked (configuration, content, etc.). The plugin also tracks the latest modifications both locally and in production, so as to be able to detect conflicts. Finally, a configurable deployment strategy drives tracking and deployment.
An integrated definition service
Each Wordpress plugin may change its data model and require a particular deployment strategy. Our teams work to create for each plugin and for each version a pre-configured repository to help you. This repository is constantly enriched and automatically updated to save you any module configuration operation.


What's the point? + -
WP Deployer finally lets you deploy modifications from a development environment (for example) to the live site, embedding exactly the desired elements and with a conflict detection and management system in the event of modifications simultaneously in development and production!
Is it already available? + -
WP Deployer is currently in the private testing phase. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're a WordPress expert and want to be among the first to test the solution for free! Watch the timer on the home page to find out when the solution will be released!
Do you plan to use a stand? + -
Of course! Support is provided for connected people. Depending on the plan, different types of support will be provided to best meet everyone's varied challenges!
Is it easy to use? + -
Absolutely! We've specially designed the plugin to be usable by everyone!
How compatible is the plugin? + -
The plugin has been designed to work regardless of installed plugins. Some configuration may be required to interface with older versions of plugins, exotic plugins or your own developments. A few clicks in the back office are all it takes!


Any other questions?
The plugin is in beta and already usable, so contact us and be among the first to test! One license is included! Come and ask us all your questions live: let's schedule a demo with you!
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